Earn Bitcoin

If you do not have your own Bitcoin address, you can create a free address at StrongCoin to receive Bitcoins. If you want to borrow Bitcoin, there are some Bitcoin Lending Sites where you can do that.

Earn Bitcoin by clicking ads

On the Earnfreebitcoins page it is possible to earn Bitcoins by visiting websites. Simply enter your own Bitcoin address for receiving transactions and earn some Bitcoins while surfing.

Bitcoin for mini tasks

On BitcoinGet you can get Bitcoin for doing various kinds of small tasks like to search pages on the internet, to sort something or to participate in a survey. BitcoinGet also pays for watching videos.

Using your own computer performance

It is also possible to use the power of your own computer to earn Bitcoin by Bitcoin mining. You can join a mining pool as CEX.IO (including GHash.IO) to work together with other users and generate Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoin by advertising

Another possibility is offered by CoinURL. You can shorten any URL and always earn Bitcoin when someone calls the URL. Here is a sample page: cur.lv/u8y1. In addition, you can earn Bitcoin with your own website.

Free Bitcoin

On Bitcrate you can simply enter your own Bitcoin address and get a Bitcoin payment. Unfortunately on Bitcrate often no Bitcoins are available for payout.

Earning Bitcoin by interest

The Bitcoin exchange market Vircurex pays interest on high Bitcoin balances according to the Vircurex help page. All users who have either at least one Bitcoin or 100 Litecoins or 400 Peercoins on the account, therefore get every 6 hours an interest payment. There are always 15% of the total trading fees paid, the interest distribution is proportional to the amount of the account balance.